Heldenberg’s Advanced Automotive  is known for it’s outstanding customer service and quality work. We believe in striving for excellence.

What We Do:


1. Diagnose any automotive problem of any car with our  highly trained staff and equipment.
2. Repair any problem of any vehicle.
3. Call the customer before any repairs are made  to provide an estimate and receive permission to perform such repairs.
4. Ensure that during the repair the car is handled with the respect you expect.
5. Return the repaired vehicle to the customer and call to ensure that the vehicle is still running properly and that the customer is satisfied.
1. Dyno any vehicle that can be done 2WD with our DynoJet 224xLC dynamometer.
2. Tune vehicles for anything from gas mileage to peak performance.
3. Build performance cars. Which includes everything from building engine, installing turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous oxide kits, tuning and dynoing them when finished.

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